By greenteapanda

September 3, 2008

Category: Travel

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Before I went, I could already tell Sausalito was simply a tourist trap near the Golden Gate Bridge, opposite of San Fransciso. Much of the town is composed of overpriced and overrated restaurants or mall stores made up to look like they are local stores.


However, there was reason to go there. There are some nice pictures to be taken and a restaurant called Avatar’s. They sell cuisine that is a combination of Indian and Mexican food. I am not going to call it fusion food, since fusion restaurants tend to be too cheap to make dishes the proper way, so cost is the reason for their substitutions. Reviews on other websites were uniformly positive.

I enjoyed the food, but for some people, the portions are too small. I asked for the dishes to be made extremely spicy, but the end product was hardly spicy at all. Pictures:

Views of the bay from Sausalito:

It shouldn’t be too surprising this place has many houseboats. Some of them don’t look particularly water-worthy though. They probably have foundations, since they would otherwise topple over from the unequal weight distribution.

The birds at the fountain in the middle of town were quite nice as well. Most tourists seemed content to shop in the same shops at their local mall though.


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