Filoli Gardens

By greenteapanda

September 1, 2008

Category: Travel

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I went to Filoli Gardens yesterday. Since I saw a lot of the sites in San Francisco when I visited last year, this year I am visiting sites further away. Filoli was created by one of the few people that did make a fortune from gold in California’s early years. It was later taken over by the people that offered the first regular boat service from mainland USA to Hawaii.
It is in quite bucolic surroundings, so even if you don’t want to pay the $12US to get in, there is plenty to see outside the grounds by bike.
A few scenes outside:

As one might expect, there was a large variety of flowers, grown in a sustainable way.

There were also apple and pear trees around. My friend even got to eat one that fell off the tree. He really enjoyed that. If it weren’t for him, the apple would have suffered the same fate as this pumpkin:

I liked the fact I could look up, look to the sides, look down, and I could only see gardens or the natural environment. I didn’t have to specially frame my shots to avoid unsightly man-built structures in the background. There weren’t any.

After a good bit of time outside, it was time to go in and see how the families might have lived.

Baggage and a menu from a ship going to Hawaii 49 years ago or so…

While most things made the house out to be in a European style, I was not at all suprised to see some furnishings and sculptures of interest originating from Ming China.

The wood floor of the men’s entertainment room had a very interesting texture carved into it:

I enjoyed looking at the pianos and electric appliances from a bygone era:

Some Corn Relish I plan to try:



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