By greenteapanda

August 26, 2008

Category: Entertainment

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I’ve gotten to LA and found appropriate cables to use my Korean computer and monitor here. In Seoul, each digital channel was the same as the analog channel. Here there are many more channels. Broadcast channels show regular programming, but other subchannels show weather or news. For example, NBC4 is shown on channel 4.1. Channel 4.2 has weather information, and channel 4.4 has raw news footage from other sources that supposedly hasn’t been edited.

Channel 18, an international station that shows many different language programmes normally, is split up as a digital channel. 18.1 is Korean, 18.2 is MBC (another Korean station), 18.4 seems to be various European language programmes, 18.6 is Cantonese, 18.7 Vietnamese, 18.8 Mandarin, and so on. Splitting one channel into a lot of subchannels hurts picture quality, but at least less popular shows can be seen that way by people that want to see them.

There are about 100 sub-channels (the total out of all the channels) to choose from, without even subscribing to cable. There is often actually something I’d want to see, something that rarely happens elsewhere.


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