The Best Airline Food Ever

I just flew from Seoul to LAX on Korean Air. Since I flew from the USA to Korea last year for work, work paid for a flight back to the USA. I will soon be back in Asia though.

Anyhow, as a vegetarian, I am lucky that I got to fly Korean Air. Their website has a section for special meals. Even when I order special meals on other airlines, things like dairy butter are included on the plate. I had heard that Korean Air was often guilty of this practice. I was curious what would happen when I ordered a “Strict Asian Vegetarian Meal” (now called “Vegetarian Jain Meal” on their website).

My initial attempts to order the Jain meal were not successful. Though Korean Air listed the meal on the website, the customer rep could not enter the preference into the computer when I called Korean Air reservations. Once the rep talked to her supervisor, I was able to order the meal.

A lot of things went wrong getting to the airport, and by the time I made it to the gate, there was a mere 2 minutes before it would close for takeoff. Since events caused me to check in at the very last moment, I got stuck with a center seat. While conversation was good with the people nearby, I didn’t appreciate the fact that a metal box (I am guessing it had the computer for inflight entertainment inside) meant I could not stretch out my right leg in my seat while seated.

The meal made up for it all. For an Indian meal, I found it strange that they decided to include strawberry jam and butter along with more cuisine-appropriate sauces, but the meal itself tasted awesome. Appropriately spicy, evenly cooked, vegetables not overcooked, and enough sauces to use up the entire amount of Basmati Rice. Given Basmati Rice is rare in Seoul (Indian Restaurants just use the short and stubby Korean rice most of the time), it was a real treat to eat.


Even so, I noticed Korean Air now has a fruit platter available. I’d like to see what that meal is like next time I fly Korean Air.


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