Amsa-dong Prehistoric Site

It isn’t often that I get to see an archeological dig and its results, particularly in Asia. Rather than preserve buildings and other city elements, the old is often sacrificed to make way for the new.

With the exception of a few national monuments and places of historical interest, Seoul doesn’t seem to have much architectural variety. If somebody were to ask me to find examples of places in Seoul 80 years old, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I can find pictures, but not actual places.

Amsa-dong is quite unique in such a city. Not only does it feel completely different than anything I’ve experienced within Seoul, it smells different too. It reminds me a lot of campsites in western countries, with big trees but plenty of space on the ground to set up tents. There are even a few prehistoric tents to look at:


An exhibition hall there showed Korean people in the past. Given how hard farming is, it seems very unusual for people to want to move away from the city to experience rural life. In the past, people apparently enjoyed it very much:

I also liked how tiles on the pavement in the nearby modern city area depict Ansa-dong as well:


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