Seoul Olympic Park

By greenteapanda

August 20, 2008

Category: Travel

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I decided to check out Seoul’s Olympic Park. I hadn’t ever visited any places that far southeast in Seoul, and I thought it was appropriate with the Olympics currently being held. The entrance near the Olympic Park subway station actually is not that impressive – the one at a different corner, facing the Mongchontoseong station was a lot more impressive (and has the flame).
This may not look impressive, but all the buildings surrounding the park seemed to be quite clean, without the water and pollution stains most other buildings have around Seoul.
All the greenery made me feel it was like an amuseument park without the rides. There were too many trees for it to feel like a golf course, and golf courses do not have such high amounts of public art in them. Most of the public art was left to rust, as about half the artists that made things for the park talked about decay and destruction in their interpretations.
There were also some nice looking pavilions:
Since the area was a prehistoric fort, there is a museum dedicated to that. I found the shoes to be quite unusual:
I can’t forget the nature, which is reason alone to visit the park:
Olympic flame.
Near the newer entrance to the park, there is an Olympic Museum. While I could not take photos inside, it was at least free because of the Olympics currently being held in Beijing. I noticed that the pamphlets given out at the Museum had some outdated Chinese. Several years ago, Seoul decided to change its Chinese name. It use to be 漢城. 漢 can be interpreted as the Chinese ethnicity, and 城 means city. Together, it meant that Seoul was a Chinese city. The name was changed to 首爾, a transliteration of the Korean name with no other obvious meaning. The pamplets, even newer ones, referred to Seoul as 漢城. I let the staff know.

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