Toilet Seats in China

There are several reasons I despise the western toilet (though it, like the hole in the ground used across Asia, also originates from China). For example:

  1. It encourages poor posture for getting rid of waste compared to a hole in the ground.
  2. It gets dirtier much more quickly and is harder to clean.
  3. The seat often does not fit me well, so I have to stand in an odd position with the seat up to get rid of my waste.
  4. The seats common in China nowadays break easily.

For point number 4, I present the seat I destroyed in Haikou:


Actually, that is the third or fourth seat that broke under my behind in Haikou. But it is the first that I managed to have a crack appear following the curvature of the seat in addition to the typical cross-sectional breaks.

I vowed to find another, and eventually did. Surprisingly, given the poor quality of these seats, they are not found in most Chinese hardware stores. It often requires a trip to a place really far across town. The new one I found cost 35RMB (a little more than 5USD). Not bad, but I’d rather pay more to get a seat that won’t break apart and squeeze my skin in a most uncomfortable way while I am trying to get rid of waste.


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