Five Officials Temple 五公祠

By greenteapanda

August 15, 2008

Category: Travel

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This place is only rated three stars (continuing my downward trajectory in the star rating of places visited), but there is no doubt in my mind it is far better than the four-star “Ends of the World” I talked about previously.

Inside, there are many traditional buildings.

The atmosphere is very peaceful. It all seems to be real, at least for now.

I noticed a piece of furniture with a 7 digit phone number. Those numbers ended in Hainan in 2001. When Haikou went to 7 digits in 1994, 1 was not one of the allowed first digits. That makes me think 126 was the area code, and the phone number itself was only four digits. I think Mao Zedong might have been alive when that piece of furniture was made.

There were some workers knocking down something behind the main buildings when I was there. I could see that the walls were made of old bricks and stones, not like the fake new temples built because tourists expect China to have more temples. I wonder when they will change these signs so the English runs from left to right:


If you speak Chinese, you can visit the museum inside the grounds detailing a lot of the history of Hainan Island.


The museum has some reminders of how differently the east and west view certain aspects of history. Nixon was probably known as the worst president (at least up until George W Bush became president). Because Nixon was the one that engaged the Beijing government and laid the foundations of the current Chinese-US relationship, Nixon is considered one of the best US presidents by the Chinese.


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