Lingao Lighthouse

By greenteapanda

August 7, 2008

Category: Travel

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I was told that there was an awesome lighthouse, one of the things worth visiting on a bike in Hainan. It is about 13km away from Lingao, and it isn’t tall enough to be seen from the road. Only about 200m away can I actually see the lighthouse above the trees:

In fact, upon riding there, I find it a lot easier to see a nearby war memorial honouring soldiers from Hainan:

Did I mention how hot it is? At least my sunblock did its very best to stay on my skin, letting bubbles of sweat form underneath the top layer.

After paying a nominal entrance fee, I had the park containing the lighthouse all to myself. Seems that most people do not want to go to the beach in high humidity/above body temperature air. But the air was very fresh.

The lighthouse was built by a Frenchman in 1893. A nearby wheelbarrow might even be that old…

If it is simply about seeing a big lighthouse or a lighthouse you can climb, visitors to the Lingao Lighthouse are out of luck. I was impressed by how well the Lighthouse is maintained. Places like the old town of Haikou are left to fall apart. It shows the age, but doesn’t keep it for future generations. Unlike so many things, this lighthouse seems timeless..


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