Haikou Zoo

By greenteapanda

August 6, 2008

Category: Animals

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I lived in Haikou for nearly a year before, and during that time I went to the Tropical Wildlife Park. That park is famous and has some unusual animals like the Liger. Perhaps because it was famous, I did not go to the Haikou Zoo within the Golden Bull Ridge Park.

Since I was in the area, and had some free time, I decided to check out the Haikou Zoo on this trip. Given the bigger name animals in the Wildlife Park, the Zoo was actually quite interesting.

Outside and at the entrance, the Zoo looks like any other basic zoo in China. Bamboo surrounding the zoo and some fake Disney characters:

Inside there was a wide variety of birds to be seen. Not just peacocks, but other birds which are not particularly unusual in Hainan. Bird feeding was encouraged, and bird seed was sold for this purpose. They had many varieties of chickens, as one might expect in Hainan.

There was a long row of dog pens. All these dogs were domesticated, but given how rare dogs as pets are in China, it is of interest to the visitor.

There were some nice duck ponds and an interesting deer exhibit.

Besides the bird exhibits, there was a butterfly garden. Hainan has an amazing amount of butterflies. When I did my bike ride from Haikou to Sanya, it was rare to stop and not see butterflies flying around.

Like many mainland zoos, there is an area where one can get their photo taken with various animals. I got photos with peacocks and a camel, but there were also monkeys if a visitor wants to be photographed with those.

No park would be complete without goldfish:

Outside the zoo there is a golden bull statue. They even have an English description that looks like too much effort was made. I suppose the sign was made before they had computers that could print letters on metal with straight lines and with spell checking. It reminds me of hacker typing or some of the spam messages I get in my email.

After the zoo, I decided to go to another place I haven’t been inside of – the Haikou Tropical Ocean World. I actually tried to go there before. It is a major fixture on tourist maps, yet, like last time, it was closed. Only the restaurant was open. Being about 20km from the centre of Haikou, the restaurant didn’t exactly have much business. The waitresses were more than happy to talk, so it was at least a fruitful Chinese practise session for myself.


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