Last regular day

By greenteapanda

July 18, 2008

Category: Education

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My last regular class would have been what has turned out to be my worst-behaved class. Today I got word that teacher would be doing something else rather than English. Positive for me in that I had extra time to plan for upcoming English camps and organise my desk. Negative for students that would have liked to learn.
The behaviour of that class improved somewhat last week, because I used disciplinary methods that co-teacher could not interfere with. For example, I took the materials those students needed for classes they were passionate about until they demonstrated they had learned the material for English class that they could have learned during English class time. That doesn’t help those students learn English, since that just makes them angrier, but it does allow the classroom environment to change and allow students that want to learn to learn without nearly as many disruptions.
The Korean coteacher is the one that should be disciplining the class (if the rules I got when I arrived in Korea are anything to go by), but this particular coteacher never did. She never moved from a roughly two-square-metre area at the front centre of the class. The worst class also happened to be this particular teacher’s homeroom class. Perhaps to make students happy on the last day, she removed the source of discipline so all the students that don’t want to learn can continue not learning.
Hopefully those that do want to learn will get a teacher that is both capable of discipline on her/his own and capable of giving discipline with coteachers present.
I could say that maybe she got stuck with a higher percentage of misbehaving students than other classes. However, only classes I had with her had major behavioural problems. Every other class I had with every other teacher, and every other class I taught on my own did not. She was the common factor in both problematic classes.

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  1. I can identify with the "classroom management" issues in your classes. In my summer school class, there were some behavioral issues, and what\’s worse is that it occurred was when I was being formally observed by 3 other teachers/administrators. I seemed to have lost control of the integrity of the classroom initially, but was able to get some semblance of order by getting the students to do groupwork in groups of 3/4. But even getting groups formed was a little contentious, as so-and-so did not want to work with such-and-such, etc. For next time, I think I will have to try to teach more and get to know the students more because it seems my two other co-teachers are doing most of the teaching. So my goal for next week is to do effective lesson plans and try to just spend more time talking with students.

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