Going Out

By greenteapanda

July 13, 2008

Category: Transportation

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I thought about going out today to someplace far, but remembered I lost my T-money card (it is the transportation card used in Seoul). I had one of the small ones, and the card broke off by the hole.

Since a new T-money card costs money, and I don’t plan to make trips other than to and from the airport before I leave, I decided I will just do without. I can always pay cash if I need to. The savings is only 100 won per trip – so I would need to make at least 25 trips to break even (assuming no bus-bus or bus-subway transfers). No to mention I won’t likely use up any value I put on the card this time around.

It would be nice if more cities could agree on one standard of card, so it could be used in multiple countries. I have different cards for Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, etc.


One Response to “Going Out”

  1. You seem to travel a lot.. Lol

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