By greenteapanda

July 12, 2008

Category: News and politics


When I went to Geumgang Mountain in North Korea, places outside the area tourists were allowed to see were fenced off and watched by guards. If I were to do anything that looked remotely suspicious, such as attempt to take a picture near the fence, a guard would blow a whistle as a warning not to do that.

When I saw the news today of a woman getting shot after crossing a fence and getting warned, I could only think she was probably a spy, a person that wanted to die, or one of the many religious prothelizers that openly disregard the rules North Korea tells people when they go there. When many people of their own race are so disrespectful of their rules, it is not surprising North Korea is in no hurry to open their country to foreigners.

The fact it could have been a spy is only reinforced by the South Korean government wanting to inspect the actual site of the death.

On the other hand, it could have been sleepwalking – though the woman could hardly be familiar enough with those surroundings to exit her hotel asleep without getting stopped at all.


3 Responses to “Spy?”

  1. Wow. A simillar thought struck my mind when i heard the news.. A spy.. Or a person who wanted to die.. But the news says its not sleepwalking.. This crisis is definately going to test the ability of president Lee.. We\’ll have to wait and see..

  2. I am curious how things will play out – a lot of people seem to be complaining that it was not obvious where the restricted area was. When I was there, it was pretty obvious to me. However, the fences separating restricted and non restricted areas were all green.
    I am wondering if not seeing the fence had to do with colour blindness. I have noticed a seemingly large number of my students act as if they are colour blind. Maybe I just didn\’t notice it teaching in other countries, but it is something to consider when talking about the visibility of that fence.

  3. Your idea of colourblindness seems to be very possible as the woman was reasonably old.. Or it can be something political… North Korea isn\’t really cooperating with 2MB..

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