Anti Virus

Since there is a company called Ahnlab that makes anti virus products, they are apparently the product of choice to use at school. That would be nice, if it actually was able to detect and remove viruses. The version I am forced to download from my bank’s website every time I login often is itself infected with a virus.

The computers at school are further locked down so they cannot be started in safe mode. In other words, without special software, virus files cannot be deleted. Since my coteacher was away from her computer awhile today, I decided to clean up her computer. I downloaded Avira AntiVir. It is completely free, and was able to remove 119 virus infected files from my coteacher’s computer. That won’t prevent the recurrence of viruses in the future though, since the free Avira app doesn’t seem to do any real-time scanning.

The origin of most of those viruses came from infected webpages. Since Korea only seems to know about Internet Explorer and ActiveX, the country is a virus writer’s paradise.

Instead of protesting beef – which people have the option of not eating, protesters should turn their sites to something all Koreans must use everyday: Microsoft Windows. You can use another operating system on your own computer, but interacting with banks, buying items online, doing things at work all require Windows.


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