Polluting the air on purpose

By greenteapanda

July 9, 2008

Category: Observation

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Every week or so, sometimes more often, there is a motorbike that goes around the neighbourhood around 8am and pollutes the air. It appears to be specially designed for the purpose, as there is an extra exhaust pipe going out the left side. For the first time today, I was able to move to the window quickly enough with my camera to capture the man doing it on camera:
When I began rapidly taking pictures, the guy put his head down (so I couldn’t photograph his face), turned off the extra exhaust pipe, took off the mask covering his mouth and nose, and rode off out of view. Normally when this happens, he will circle the neighbourhood several times with his foul concoction of gases.
A few minutes later, the pollution in the air is still very evident:
My question is: Why?

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