Waste of Resources

By greenteapanda

July 8, 2008

Category: Education

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From time to time at school, we get notices asking us to conserve energy when possible. Even before air conditioners were placed in classrooms a few months ago, energy usage was apparently way up from before.

The air conditioners aren’t controllable at all from within the classrooms. There is a control panel, but it does not respond. This makes sense if the school will only turn on air conditioners when the air temperature rises above a certain temperature. However, what does not make sense, is that it is also impossible to turn off the air conditioning.

Today both my coteacher and I were out of the classroom the entire morning. I was teaching in other classes’ homerooms. She was on official business outside of the school.

I came to the classroom during break. Even with the windows open, the room felt cold enough to require a winter coat.

I find it to be a stark contrast with other schools here I read about online, where teachers complain that it is too hot and humid. Their schools either don’t have air conditioning or set it to something like 3 degrees below the temperature outside. I’d probably like to trade places with them, since I like it to be hot and humid. With open windows, the air quality is much better, even in the middle of the city.


One Response to “Waste of Resources”

  1. Whats the point of having control panels at classrooms..

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