I recently got a new hard drive so that I could finally replace my last 3.5” drive. I have been since transferring my files off of that drive to my new drive and other previous drives I still have. At least I have been trying to… two of the other previous drives have failed during this process.

It reminds me of the MTBF rating (mean time before failure) on hard drives. Most drives will supposedly last at least 100,000 hours (or over 11 years of being powered on) in typical usage. The two drives that failed are both a little over 6 years old. On average, my drives seem to fail before they are 2 years old.

I have some very old machines at home with hard disks that still work, but those are the exception. Recent model drives come nowhere near their MTBF rating. The only exception might be that last 3.5” drive I have. The model, a Maxtor, failed for most users prior to the 1 year marker. To have a high MTBF, other drives need to balance that out. I guess mine is one of those, since that Maxtor is now about 5 years old.


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