Physical Exam for Work

By greenteapanda

July 6, 2008

Category: Education

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Yesterday morning I had a physical exam for work. It wasn’t strictly necessary, since my contract finishes soon. Since I was able to do it early, I went ahead because I wanted to see how the physical exam compares to other places.
It was supposed to be comprehensive. I don’t know if it is particular to the clinic the teachers in my school were assigned to, but it was hardly comprehensive. For example:
  • No ultrasound to look for possible problems with internal organs.
  • The hearing check was a very loud beep, once for each ear. The hearing test really only tests if somebody can hear at all and if they are capable of raising their hands.
  • The eye exam only tested my ability to see a chart with my glasses on. No testing with glasses off, and no actual examination of my eyes by a doctor.
  • No test for colour blindness.
  • No ECG (this analyses the heart to check for possible problems there).
  • No physician felt my body at any point to locate signs of cancer or back problems.
  • No exam of my throat/tonsils.
  • Weight was taken with clothes on (not a robe like people get at most hospitals, just the clothing one wore walking into the clinic).
The only comprehensive thing about it was the dental check. There was a machine with a camera. The technician put a small bag over a sensor and stuck it in my mouth. I was able to see in detail the teeth in my mouth.
I did get a blood test, but based on everything else, I doubt they will be testing for much beyond anemia and diseases that aren’t very expensive.
I will see how the results compare with the physical exam I will get in China soon. China’s physicals are a lot more thorough.
I found it interesting that the eye chart was mostly numbers, with a few roman characters. I would have expected hangul. Japan uses katakana on their eye charts. China uses roman characters, but Chinese has some words that have integrated roman characters like 卡拉OK (karaoke) and X光 (X-ray).

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