Drives that don’t work

I am a pack rat when it comes to hard drives. I run out of space, so I buy a new drive. I still keep the old one, so I continue to have that space. My oldest drive still in use is over seven years old. All of the drives I have kept outside my computers have been PATA drives.
Conveniently, there are adapters that allow one to plug PATA drives into a USB port, without the need for a case or any other cables. Here is the newer version of the model I have. I only have one non laptop drive. All PATA laptop drives connect directly and do not need any other power source.
Last summer, I tried hooking up a desktop SATA drive to the adapter, but the drive did not show up on the computer. Today I tried with a newly purchased drive, which also did not work. It turns out that even for laptop SATA drives, a separate power cable is needed. SATA drives also do not directly connect, requiring a separate SATA data cable as well.
I went to Yongsan to buy the SATA data cable. Now I have to go back to get the power cable. I could get it online, but that would be more expensive and I would not get exercise. It is also a waste to pay 3-4x the cost of the cable just to ship it within Seoul.

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