Bye bye Waiwai

One of my favourite reads about Japan was the Waiwai column of the Mainichi Daily News. Alas, like the collapse of Nova last year (a mostly English cram school that had something like 900 branches), it is now gone.

The reason apparently has to do with the content of the articles. Ryann Connell, a staff member at the paper, translated articles from Japanese tabloids. Some people on the 2chan internet forum did not like content, which was quite racy and apparently gave Japan a bad image. Of course, they did not go after the publishers of the original articles in Japanese. It furthermore seems quite ironic, when 2chan itself has a lot of illegal pictures posted.

Personally, I found a lot of the articles to be extremely entertaining, for example: McDonald’s I’m Rubbin’ It!

Perhaps if they believe Japan is projecting an image they do not like to the world, they should go after the source of the stories and stop posting illegal pictures that often prove those stories. People’s opinions of Japan are not going to change due to one newspaper dropping a daily column translating Japanese tabloid material. Mine certainly won’t – I lived across the street from a Yakuza-run soapland for over three years.


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