Lazy Movers

By greenteapanda

June 22, 2008

Category: Observation

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I have noticed some people moving do not use movers that take their boxes down the staircase or down the elevator and into the moving truck. Instead, they set up a moving platform to bring things from the balcony of the customer’s flat.
It takes a rather long period of time to get the lorry in place and stabilised in order to transport items to the ground. It seems exactly like the kind of thing oil companies would like to promote. If Korea really wants to reduce their energy usage, this seems like a great place to start. I could understand it if the customer actually had items that didn’t fit in the staircase (like a piano), but in this case, the largest box is smaller than the suitcase I came to Korea with.

One Response to “Lazy Movers”

  1. Lol. People are lazy!

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