Living Nutrition and the Sugar Apple

By greenteapanda

June 19, 2008

Category: Food and drink

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One of my friends lent me a copy of Living Nutrition, a magazine that is very supportive of a fruitarian diet. My friend that gave it to me is very much into colon cleanses, but the magazine itself is very much against those.

The issue I was given has articles about people that were able to transition to an all fruit diet over time. I can definitely see myself going in that direction. Esepcially when an article in the issue focused on sugar apples. One of my favourite fruits in Taiwan has been 釋迦 (Buddha’s head), which translates into English as sugar apple or custard apple.

In fact, the two fruits are different. The 釋迦 in Taiwan is really a custard apple. All I can say is that a good custard apple is like eating flan or pudding. The sugar apples referred to in the Living Nutrition article look different and apparently have a different flavour (more acidic). I will have to buy one in a store to try for myself – apparently a difficult thing to do since demand greatly exceeds supply.

Compare for yourself:
釋迦/Custard Apple/Sweetsop


Sugar Apple


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