Video Editing

My school got a new video camera recently. It is a JVC that supposedly records HD, but the files it creates are really 480i widescreen. It makes files on a hard disk rather than a tape, but the files are a proprietary version of MPEG2 with the wrong time coding and the wrong aspect ratio. Depending on the player, the picture looks squashed vertically or horizontally.

Anyhow, the people at school were trying to edit the video taken from a class on one of the many Windows PCs at school. Adobe Premiere wouldn’t deal with the files properly, or at least the school staffs couldn’t deal with them properly in that app. Windows Movie Maker (unsurprisingly) wouldn’t deal with the files from that camera at all.

I pointed out that editing these files would be no problem at all on a Mac. Them, having given up, asked me to take the files home and edit them on my Mac. So I did. It would have been a lot easier if I had more than 12GB of disk space free across all my hard disks, but I was eventually able to edit the video to their satisfaction using iMovie 6 and MPEG Streamclip. In case you wonder, many people consider iMovie 6 to be a much better app than the iMovie ’08 that succeeded it.

Given I haven’t met anybody at school that even thinks to use something other than Internet Exploder 6 and a bunch of crapware related to that, I don’t expect to see them buy a Mac anytime soon. It is too bad. Given most students already have a Windows PC at home, and that most educational software these days is fancy looking but pedagogically lacking, the school district would be better off investing all that computer money elsewhere.


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