How to Whistle

By greenteapanda

June 17, 2008

Category: Hobbies

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I haven’t ever had the talent of whistling, and I still don’t. Last night, I came across videos on Youtube that claimed to teach one how to whistle – both with just teeth and lips, as well as using two fingers to call a wolf. Some of them were actually just videos of other people learning to whistle, and some of them were just people whistling songs as they pleased.

I still can’t whistle. I can get some sounds that indicate I am close, but I wonder if my mouth is just the wrong shape. I tried every variation presented: tongue touching/near the lower teeth, touching/near the upper teeth, hanging somewhere in the middle, etc. Is it really possible for just anyone to whistle using only their mouth or mouth and hand?


One Response to “How to Whistle”

  1. Haha.. I\’m reasonably good at whistling but i can\’t do the one with your fingers.. I\’ll try to learn from the Youtube..^^

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