Jobs of the Week

By greenteapanda

June 15, 2008

Category: Education

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This weekend I looked into welding jobs. Underwater welders can make up to $600US an hour, though I’ve heard the work can be just as dangerous as Alaskan Crab fishing. The diving part itself seems quite difficult. I have a lot of difficulty keeping myself in one place when scuba diving. With my breathing, I tend to fluctuate a bit much without holding anything, let alone equipment to weld metal.

The welding part could be used in all sorts of jobs, including those on oil rigs, but then I thought about the smell created when welding out of the water. I have been past enough shops doing welding on the sidewalk in Korea and China (amongst other places) to know the air quality suffers. The radiation exposure to the face causes skin and eye problems, even with a mask.

Most importantly, I don’t think welding has any sort of direct benefit on other people. I might benefit people with my salary I earn, but the that job wouldn’t seem to improve both myself and others in any deep, meaningful way.

The brainstorming over potential jobs I could do in the future continues…


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