Clear Streets

By greenteapanda

June 14, 2008

Category: Living

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For the first time in a long time, the streets near City Hall and Gwanghwamun Stations were open on a Saturday. It makes taking the bus a lot more convenient. The protestors I saw were in the open area near City Hall station. I guess people are either too tired to come, or they are satisfied things are going their way for now.

I took the opportunity to buy some groceries (since it is now much easier for me to transfer between the buses I use). I was out of everything not having to do with breakfast. I have enough breakfast food to last me until I leave Korea. Regarding other items, I am still cutting back, as I am counting the days until I leave Korea following my current contract. It isn’t that far off into the future.

Update 2008/06/15: It seems all the protesting on that site has killed the grass:


One Response to “Clear Streets”

  1. Haha. Killed all the grass.. The protesters moved to where the kbs tv station is and places near. So they might come back there sometime soon..

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