Filming a Class

By greenteapanda

June 13, 2008

Category: Education

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Today I was put in charge with taking a video of one of the classes at school. They wanted me to do it because of my photography skills.

However, it sounds like the class will have to be done again. The head teacher wants one, continuous shot of the classroom, from the same place. It would have been nice to know beforehand. There seems to be no need for any photography skills other than setting the camera high enough that student heads don’t block the view of the board and teacher in the classroom.

I can see why they might want a continuous shot – it allows them to see the teacher’s skill in their entirety. Any mistakes won’t get edited out.

On the other hand, even if there is some camera shake (and there is a lot, given the camera has no image stabilisation and is super-lightweight), it seems you would want to move the camera around the classroom. It would be useful to see a variety of students using what they have learned on camera. If the camera is always in one place, students tend to move away from the camera. Even students themselves do not stay in the same spot in a class, at least if the teacher is half competent.

The camcorder does not have a fisheye lens, so it can only see about a third of the classroom at most if it has to stay in the same spot. The teacher is often not in view if she/he is competent either, since she/he will check on student performance during the lesson.


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