Transport Costs

By greenteapanda

June 12, 2008

Category: Transportation

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I have been considering where to go in China on my next vacation. The place I will go isn’t that big of a deal as how I will be able to actually get there. Because of Korea’s currency underperforming even the US Dollar, fuel costs are that much higher.

It really seems absurd that some round trip flights to China are only about 60USD, but have another 180USD of fuel surcharges added on. It has made me consider taking the boat to China instead. Many of the flights from Korea to China leave late in the afternoon, so I would end up wasting a night before I could fly on to the place I actually want to go to.

The only problem is that most of the ferries go to cities that don’t have many discounted flights to other places in China. So while the ferry will only cost about 100USD one way, the savings would be eaten up by my flight costs.

When I applied for my latest visa, I didn’t include any of the cities the ferry goes to. Normally, I’d think it is not a big deal, but with the Olympics, I figure there might be some more scrutiny about where foreign travelers go compared to where they said they would go on the visa application.


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