Umbrella Baseball

By greenteapanda

June 5, 2008

Category: Games


My students came early for an advanced class today, and probably because of the rain, they stayed rather than drop off their bags and come back in time for the class.

Using some small foam dice as balls and some bags as bases, a game of baseball got going. Even though the foam dice aren’t heavy or hard, the mere action of swinging my umbrella caused it to bend. When I tried to bend it the other way, I ended up making a 90 degree bend in the shaft of the umbrella. Some other students tried using their umbrellas as well and similarly bent the main shaft.

Now our umbrellas are difficult to collapse. Now I know I need to get the "Unbreakable Umbrella." I’d expect that will not bend from the simple action of swinging the umbrella like a stick through the air.


2 Responses to “Umbrella Baseball”

  1. I\’m curious about your teaching.. It seems that you are teaching english in uni? eventhough your blog is kinda personal, it really interests me. Lol

  2. University would be much more appropriate given my previous teaching experience. For Korea, I applied to a public school job. Verbally, there was agreement to give me a high school job. In the end, I got placed in an elementary school. It is an useful to expand the age range I can teach, though I feel like I have a lot more to offer older students.

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