Fermented Orange Juice

By greenteapanda

June 4, 2008

Category: Food and drink

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Partly because I live high up on a hill, and partly because 2 liter bottles of orange juice cost so much here (there aren’t cartons like some other countries), I make orange juice from frozen pulp. Being careful not to create any extra waste, I reuse bottles previously containing other items in them.

It works great the first few times, but after a few uses, refilling those same bottles with orange juice results in orange juice that lasts less and less before it begins fermenting. I know it will happen because one day I will pour myself a glass, and it will taste really sweet. Like sweet oranges, nothing wrong. The next day, a blast of air will come out when I open the bottle, and it won’t smell or taste particularly good.

I drink it anyway, being the cheap person I am, and it doesn’t seem to affect my health one way or the other. I have a stomach that is used to all the powerful things I put in it, from actions like eating the spicy chili peppers, drinking Tabasco sauce, drinking vinegar, etc.

Though searching the subject on Google mainly turns up results with people saying not to do it because you’ll get sick, fermented orange juice is the beverage of choice in prisons. It is given the name Pruno, and won’t cause problems as long as you don’t make it in an unsafe container like tin cans. You might be heaving over the toilet though. Unlike mine, that pruno needs heat. I find that the orange juice ferments even as it is kept inside the fridge.

I try to clean out the bottles as best I can, but apparently it is not good enough. At least my orange juice just tastes like it is fermenting, and is not so vile I need to chug it. I’ve had much worse drinks made from oranges in my time, Sunny D in particular.


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