Yellow Dust

This year apparently has been quite good as far as yellow dust goes. I have avoided the worst days, having been out of the country when it hit. Until today. I happened to open my window at 6am today, which is right about the time the yellow dust level in the air hit 1059mg/m^3. Oops. That level is the most dangerous level.

The worst air, however, was during 4th period at school. I was on the 4th floor. Even with windows and doors closed, the air was like being in the middle of a demolition without a gas mask. Not pleasant at all.

Today should have been sunny. In fact it was, once the yellow dust mostly cleared around 16:00. Two pictures I took mid-day:


I have seen the sky looking more yellow, but the smell and feeling in my lungs let me know that was definitely not fog. Thankfully I have a lot of green tea to drink and ricola to soothe my throat and the throats of others.


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