Earthquake Drills

By greenteapanda

May 28, 2008

Category: Education

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Yesterday my schedule changed because my school (along with many others) decided to do disaster preparedness drills. This mostly included earthquake preparedness, even though South Korea rarely gets earthquakes.

Though the quality of many buildings here (including the school I work in) evokes that of a Chinese school, the disaster drills worked like you’d expect in Japan or the USA. Children were told to get under furniture. That assumes that the basic structure of the building will stay intact, and only pieces of ceiling or loose objects could fall.

  (Picture is from the Korea Times)

In China, it is recommended to stay between two strong objects, such as two pieces of furniture, two cars, etc. Not under them, since that will trap you when the building collapses. I don’t know the real strength of the building I am in, but considering it is concrete, and my school predates the Korean war, I can only assume it will collapse on itself if a strong earthquake ever does occur.


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