Mushroom Candy

By greenteapanda

May 27, 2008

Category: Food and drink

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In North Korea, I bought mushroom liquor as well as mushroom candy. I didn’t even realise until after the fact the mushroom candy in fact came from South Korea, not the North. The mushroom candy is apparently made in Gyeonggi province, the province surrounding Seoul.
The mushroom candy is the one in the bright green bag:
The candy has been sitting in my apartment for a few months now, so I decided to use it up.
At school, rather than giving a chocolate or some other small prize, I decided to see what would happen if I gave mushroom candies to the students. For excellent behaviour and English beyond the expected, I offered students a mushroom candy or a chocolate. Perhaps because of the novelty factor, students chose the mushroom candy 2-to-1.
Some of the students squirmed, not particularly liking the taste of mushroom mixed with corn syrup.
I love mushroom, but I had a neutral opinion of the mushroom candy when I first tried it. After seeing the reactions of students, I had a big smile when I demonstrated with a straight face that the mushroom candy was delicious. My opinion is still neutral, I just smile from the shocked expressions of students.
After 2 days, I only have two mushroom candies left. Granted, given the quality of food from the school cafeteria recently, I’d hardly say this is the worst thing they or I have eaten.

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