Museums and Gardens

By greenteapanda

May 26, 2008

Category: Travel

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Yesterday was a nice day weather-wise in Seoul, so I decided to use a ticket to the Seoul Museum of Art I got for free. The ticket was apparently worth 11,000KRW. It was for an exhibition of Antoine Bournelle. I am glad I didn’t have to pay, because it was just a bunch of sculptures that were apparently art because somebody else considered them as art. The things I considered art were those I could see for free, outside the front doors of the museum.

I also enjoyed some unintentional art, street bollards being removed to put up some post-style bollards that were taller. The newer bollards seemed to have springs inside so that they would cushion a blow slightly if you hit one. Still, I like the rubber bollards they had in Osaka better – they looked solid, but they would cushion your blow if you happened to hit them (such as in a bicycle accident or if somebody only paying attention to their mobile phone bumps into one).

After that, I took a stroll through the 德壽宮 (Doeksogung) area, which I happened to find a lot more enjoyable. I also watched a kind of guard-changing ceremony.


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