The Sichuan Earthquake and Pandas

By greenteapanda

May 25, 2008

Category: Animals


Pandas International has a bunch of useful information regarding Wolong, the earthquake, and pictures of places around the area.

This AP Flash applet finally let me know Wolong’s relation to Chengdu (even on most maps, I couldn’t find it).

There are also a bunch of visual updates on the Pandas International webpage. If you look at the links near the bottom, you can see pictures of the devastation, many of which I hadn’t seen on other websites. On other websites, this CNN article shows a newly married couple that was in a church courtyard when the earthquake struck.

No pictures, but the Guardian has an amazing story of the only school in the earthquake zone that did not collapse. The fight against shoddy construction by the project manager 10 years ago paid off. Too bad there aren’t more project managers that care that much about proper construction techniques and materials.


2 Responses to “The Sichuan Earthquake and Pandas”

  1. In the school I substitute taught at on last Thursday,  I was amazed at the skill of a veteran teacher (32 years experience teaching) maintain the attention of 25 students for several tens of minutes. She basically told the story of the earthquake in China skillfully. Some details include how hands were found among the rubble, and how schools collapsed, and how some survived under the rubble for days by just drinking the rainwater. The schools collapsing at least is one thing the students might imagine. But it was the imagination of the teacher and imparting images and ideas to the students which I found incredible to observe.

  2. If only it would be so simple teaching English here… students would need a higher level of English for me to tell a lot of stories like that. I have to keep it extremely simple here. Too much variety in student levels, since some students go to cram school. Others barely know the alphabet.

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