Would you like to get your distance degree? Sure! We all do!

By greenteapanda

May 23, 2008

Category: Living

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In my quest to find out what to do next, I found some websites that actually do let you do work online from the comfort of your home. The pay might not be very good (one I checked was 9USD per hour), but it would be enough to be cash positive if I were to live in China for awhile. It would also be good for making a bit of money on the side to fill up time at home

There are call center jobs and a bunch of other work one can do online. Some that require you to click on links probably just reveal your private information, but others seem legitimate.

Even so, it seems like I would be able to make more money if I had one one of those courses that teach how to do TV/VCR repair. The VCR repair part of that should still be valid, as long as there are archives and current VCRs need to be repaired so that they continue to work into the future.


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