Recruiter Spam

By greenteapanda

May 20, 2008

Category: Living

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Yesterday I got an email for a recruiter to work as a teacher in South Korea, despite not looking for such work. It is a company I have never had contact with, so I am curious as to how they got my email address. Especially when I am not looking for teaching work here.

Is somebody trying to get me to come back?

I had a previously unannounced meeting. Apparently there are calls to rectify some problems noted by teachers, such as the housing problem. I didn’t even know where I would be living until I was taken there by my coteacher the first day. When I signed up for the job, I could choose to get housing on my own and get a housing allowance or go with housing provided by the school. Given that most people will not be able to speak Korean to deal with a Korean Real Estate Agent, that only leaves one choice.

It would be better to find accommodation after arriving.

Other issues are to be dealt with as well.

It still does not change my future plans, since I would want these problems dealt with. Plans are nice, but I want to see something concrete. Furthermore, since I have had to live in this crappy apartment, I have taken it upon myself to look into alternatives to my current situation. There are several that seem much better than staying on at my current school.


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