What is the oldest company you know of?

Off the top of my head, I could easily think of a few companies that are at least several hundred years old in Europe.

Today there was a Korea Times article that said there are only two Korean companies around now that are over 100 years old.

Japan has the most companies over 100 years old out of any country in the world, as well as the oldest company still in existence.

The oldest, Kongo-gumi was founded in 578 (1430 years old). There is a technicality though – Kongo-gumi went bankrupt in 2006, though its assets were purchased by Takamatsu. So perhaps it would be better to say Kongo-gumi lasted 1428 years as an independent concern, even though all that changed in 2006 were the owners.

Their business model is one that is extremely stable in Asia, and one that makes me wonder how they could possibly go bankrupt. Their business? Buddhist Temple construction.


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