Seoul Forest

By greenteapanda

May 12, 2008

Category: Health and wellness

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There is a forest in Seoul, or at least there appears to be one on the maps of Seoul. It is a big park. On the map, it appears all green, as if it is just one big forest, or has significant amounts of forest.

Fortunately for me, there was a lookout I could see from the park, since it did not seem like there was much forest in the park. That was even accounting for the swath of space taken up by construction equipment to extend the Bundang (yellow) line north of the Han river, the parking lot, and a water treatment plant.


Though there was a museum, it apparently was not open on Buddha’s birthday. It did look quite a bit smaller than the one in Taipei, as if I would not be able to see any special machinery inside.


After walking around, I eventually got to the lookout. It was not a very direct route, but they probably don’t want people to go to the lookout. After all, I could verify my feelings from below:


The green on the map not only had the aforementioned non forest items, it also included housing (some of which was under construction) and environmental amenities like a cement plant. It was no wonder the air quality seemed worse than my own apartment, despite being surrounded by trees.

The environment they did have did not make me think I would miss Seoul after I leave. Quite the contrary, they had Formosan deer roaming around in a section of park that was fenced off except for a long bridge to the Han River Park.


I would assume I could find Formosan deer pretty easily if I lived in Taiwan…


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