The second tea plantation

By greenteapanda

May 6, 2008

Category: Travel

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Just a bit up the road toward Yulpo beach, there is another tea plantation visitors can see. On Korean maps, this is the second major tea field. The first one, and most famous, is the tea field I visited and put pictures of in yesterday’s blog entry. There is no entrance fee (the famous one costs 1,600 won for adults to enter), and there are less visitors to boot. If you prefer a more rustic tea field, this is the place to go. There is also a stronger sea smell here, as the ocean is visible from the upper reaches of this particular tea field.
On the other hand, recent road construction for a new highway has cut across the field. Unless you have hiking boots with spikes, I wouldn’t advise browsing those fields in the rain though. The hillside is extremely steep, and even with the ground dried by the sun, I slipped down the hill a few times.
Also, if you want to get pictures of people standing inside the field, not just on one of the walkways, the second tea plantation is better. Most sections of the famous tea field are closed off by rope. Police go around looking for people that step over that rope in order to take photographs of family members/ significant others/etc.

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