Silver appliances

So called "silver-nano" appliances are very popular in Korea because they supposedly do an excellent job killing germs. Problem is, they do an excellent job of killing human cells as well.

The picture of the washer in the article looks exactly the same as the one I have. I didn’t immediately recognize the washer as a Samsung – it claims it is a "Haruzen." Korean companies often try to make their products look like they come from other countries, particularly Germany or Japan, so they will command a higher value in the marketplace.

Other than the apparent problem with silver ions, the washer simply does not do a good job washing clothes. Sometimes the software controlling the washer crashes, meaning I have to start the entire wash cycle over.  My clothes only came clean in the washer after I began adding baking soda to the washer before every load. I haven’t had to do that anywhere else I have lived.

Judging by prices of this washer, it is also the most expensive I have used. The best? A Hai’er model I used while in Kunming, China. That only cost me about 1500RMB.


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