Energy Consumption and Carbon Footprint

By greenteapanda

April 29, 2008

Category: Living

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When it comes to buying electrical appliances, I often get the ones that use the least amount of energy, even if energy usage costs don’t make a big difference in my utility costs. After all, my experience in China is still fresh in my mind. Certain days without power. If I have things that use little power, not only do contribute less to brownouts and blackouts, I make it that much easier to run my electrical appliances off of a generator.

Given the amount I fly on airplanes, I probably have a carbon footprint above what would be expected for my low income level, and how I use the rest of my income.

As a general rule, the higher the income, the higher the carbon footprint. Bill Gates 10,000 times the carbon footprint of the average American. The poorest people have the smallest carbon footprint. The TGdaily article mentions the lowest carbon footprint one can have in the USA and not be homeless is to be a Buddhist monk that lives in the forest 6 months out of the year. Can’t say I have ever seen that in the USA. Then again, I didn’t live permanently near any forests when I was there.

For some reason, there is less relevant info in the MIT news release on the subject.

Out of developed countries, I found it interesting that the USA was singled out. Singapore consumes about 50% more oil per capita than the USA. Canada also uses significantly more per capita than the USA. Per capita, Japan and South Korea consume a little more than half per capita the amount of the USA.


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