More Meditation

By greenteapanda

April 24, 2008

Category: Living

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Awhile back, I got a flyer stuck in my mailbox. An English flyer, but one that was not sent by mail. All the mailboxes in the building got them, despite there only being one other foreigner speaking English in the building (out of well over 100 apartments).
The flyer was for a place practicing something called Suseonjae. While the flyer and website suggest I go to their place to learn various types of exercise and meditation, the website does describe some of the exercises one should do. I decided to do a few this morning as I woke up, and they indeed seemed to help.
A lot of the claims for purifying the body by doing particular exercises don’t seem like something that could be easily proven by science, but I had more energy throughout the day today, even though I ate less than I normally would. I haven’t been to a supermarket or other store selling foods for home in three weeks, and I want to make what I have go further. I am saving up for a trip to Boseong’s tea fields. That’s not to say I don’t get fresh fruits or vegetables, since I hit the jackpot with pineapple yesterday and cherry tomatoes last week.

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