By greenteapanda

April 22, 2008

Category: Living

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When I was in Japan, as I walked down a major street, I would occasionally be surrounded by schoolgirls all the sudden. Bully style. One of them would want a date or to be my girlfriend. They will ask for things like my mobile number. Inevitably, they were underage and thus not appropriate even if they managed to have traits I look for in a potential companion.

I did not expect similar things to happen in Korea, but this situation has happened to me – three times in the past week alone. Not the same groups of girls either. Incidentally right after I got a haircut. These girls are even younger than the ones I encountered in Japan. Good thing they readily accept excuses I make to leave. That wasn’t always the case in Japan – they could be really determined.

Culturally, I wonder what leads to this type of behaviour. Never noticed it in the west, or in China for that matter.


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