Cleaning the Computer Closet

I have had my old Samsung laptop lying around, not doing anything other than collecting dust. I wanted to recycle it, but did not know how. There are places to ‘recycle’ old computer parts and the like in Korea, but they normally want functioning equipment.

The laptop with an overheating processor, broken screen, broken hard drive, broken optical drive, etc would not be worth much. The memory is functional as far as I know, but given I can buy the modules new for about 5USD, that would not help pay for any recycling cost. You may note the broken hard drive – I actually swapped that into the old laptop. The one before is on its last legs, but still functional. I need every last bit of disk space I can get.

I have been waiting for 500GB laptop hard drives to come out, so I can fit everything I have now on one disk. Besides the drive internal to my Mac Mini, I have four other hard drives that are nearly full. Speaking of which, 500GB laptop drives are finally available for purchase. Though Samsung claimed they were shipping a model at the beginning of last month, I have seen absolutely no availability. Hitachi is first. I am under the impression the Hitachi drive will last longer as well.

Anyhow, after my co-teacher called a bunch of places, some people will come by Monday to pick up the laptop. I wonder what will happen. Will it end up in a landfill anyway? Will it get sent to China to be taken apart piece by piece like so many other developed nations’ e-waste?


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