Making Bibimbap

By greenteapanda

April 14, 2008

Category: Food and drink

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If I ate meat, I could have had more bibimbap in Jeonju. Bibimbap is actually my favourite Korean dish, even more so if I cook it myself.
It was great the first day in Jeonju to have the opportunity to make bibimbap for ourselves. I found it interesting (and quite informative as a vegetarian) that traditional bibimbap rice is cooked in a cow bone broth. It is not just plain white rice. So making it myself with brown rice, I can improve on it in two different ways. The cucumber and aubergines that are used are not sliced through the centre, but rather in a spiral. The part with seeds is not used for the actual dish, but can be used for other things like massaging your face.
After a demonstration, the teacher presented us with this bowl of bibimbap:
We had these ingredients to work with:
After some work, we had these ingredients ready to go:
My bibimbap before stirring looked like this. I got to put the vegetables in after others, so it wasn’t particularly easy for me to make something as neat as the teacher’s bibmbap. In case you wonder, the egg yolk gets cooked by the hot rice when everything is stirred together.
There were also a lot of bowls of bean sprout soup. Not enough to quench my thirst, but still nice to have alongside the bibimbap.
The following day I forwent bibimbap because it was made in a huge bowl and included meat. I wonder how they properly clean such a nice, beautiful, big bowl…

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