Fat and Greedy

By greenteapanda

April 13, 2008

Category: Travel

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I went to Jeonju (全州) this past weekend, the centre of traditional Korean culture. Amongst other things, they had a small museum devoted to traditional Korean medicine. I didn’t note much difference between traditional Korean and traditional Chinese medicine, but this museum did have computers that would tell you your constitution based on answers to different questions.

Some questions were quite amusing. Women got a question taking the test along the lines of "If you haven’t stool for four days, do you feel uncomfortable?" I want to meet the person that does feel comfortable in that situation. This was the most provocative question I got as a male:

I wonder what kind of person does not have a heart that pounds…

There were only four different constitutions possible. The one I got, Tae’um, said that I am fat and greedy. It also said my lungs are insufficient. So greedy, in fact, I am apparently susceptible to mental disease. The list of foods to avoid included all land animals as well as ginger and ginseng. I guess it is a slight hint regular Korean food is inappropriate for me! Maybe the info about lungs is to remind me of all the harmful cigarette smoke around.


The other people around thought the constitution I got was most inappropriate, though the report did have a western-style disclaimer at the bottom: "The results above can be different from an actual constitution to some extents…"

For something more accurate, if you know your Jung personality type, see this.


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