The Oldest Person in the World

Yesterday elections were held here in Korea. There are many news articles today, but one that caught my interest was "Some People Go Against All Odds to Vote." The political part of it isn’t such a big deal, but the article notes there is a woman named Lee Gok-seong who is 119 years old. Upon looking up her name in Korean, I found she is actually 118. She will turn 119 next month.

The fact she was born and might even be able to remember events prior to Japanese occupation of Korea is pretty big. But it is also older than 114 year-old Edna Parker of the USA, the oldest "verified" living person in the world.

What exactly does verification entail? Is it simply a birth certificate? This BBC article claims the oldest person in the world is actually lives in Israel. She is 120. She attributes her long life to vegetables.

All that said, I’d like to know more about Omar Abas. In a 1999 BBC article, he was noted as being 141 years old. He’d be 150 today. But there would not be any definitive records from Malaysia from that long ago. He was 100 years older than Malaysia while he lived, if the claim were true. I haven’t found any information on if he is still alive. In 2000 there was another article about a Nepalese man who would have been 167 years old at the time. That article has questionable math in it, but it would be awesome to live that long…


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