Maybe a Neti Pot would have been better

By greenteapanda

April 1, 2008

Category: Education

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Much of my afternoons are spent looking at webpages, since otherwise I’d get to do busywork. I haven’t found many great places to study Korean online like I have with Chinese – especially sites where I could study Korean without writing anything or producing something off the computer screen. If I too blatantly study Korean at school, I will get called on to do some busywork.

Luckily, yesterday all the teachers at school were invited to make some pottery. It was supposed to be traditional Korean pottery, but I did not notice anything particularly different from any other type of pottery I have worked with.

Unlike some previous times, I did not have a potter’s wheel to make everything look symmetrical. I decided to go for a pot that somewhat resembled a toilet. The teacher sometimes came by and made unwanted modifications to my pot, such as smashing the spout and trying to make it symmetrical. Without a potter’s wheel, any attempts at symmetry are just going to look like inability to make the pot look professional, so I flattened it several times and redid it myself to minimise interference with my work. I realise art teachers here have to deal with students that are more interested in copying than going off on their own, but I like to do things my own way, especially when it comes to art. Too bad there weren’t some non pastel shades to paint the pot with.

In the end, after I left, I realised I perhaps should have made a neti pot for myself. After all, I have not found anything suitable in stores here (and I’ve been looking every time I’ve been out shopping since maybe December). I’d probably use the pot I just made to water plants, but any plants would die in the pollution generated within my building.


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