I got a good air purifier not long after coming here. I needed it with all the cigarette smoke coming up the ventilation shafts in my building. Or maybe from my neighbours. In any case, I tried patching every nook and cranny. The toilet door now seals, not just closes. But some of that air still came in.

The filter that came with the air purifier was supposed to last 5 years. In my case, it has already been overwhelmed. It is letting off something that smells like the construction dust while the cafeteria was being renovated at school. I brought it there to make the classroom breathable at that time.

The filter is also black. When I first took it from the package, it was a combination of white and sky blue.

I found where to order a new set of filters. Even so, I happened to come across what seemed to be great deals for Sharp Plasmacluster air purifiers at the store. Why get a new filter when I could trade up? It turns out the low prices were for the floor models. Those floor models incidentally had the filters exposed to the air and the boxes thrown away.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some unscrupulous salespeople were taking filters out of the floor models and selling them on the Internet. Buy four filters, and I’ve matched the price of simply buying a new air purifier.


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